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Robotics & Embedded Systems


Robotics and embedded technology now surround us and have changed the way we live.

Prototypes to Production

Fremer Inc has created products ranging from small prototypes to production-quality deployments using a variety of technologies including Arduino, embedded Linux and BSD software, Interactive Spaces, and ROS (the Robot Operating System).

How we use Robot Operating System (ROS)

We are particularly fond of ROS, an integrated open source ecosystem of software libraries and tools designed for building robot applications. ROS has a huge and active user community which has developed many state-of-the-art algorithms and device drivers. We use this technology to extend the capabilities of our signature product.

We are using ROS and RobotWebTools to build our latest crop of distributed interactive experiences. We’re continuing to develop browser-fronted ROS experiences very quickly based on their huge catalog of existing device drivers. If a customer wants their interaction to use a touchscreen, joystick, lights, sound, or just about anything you can plug into the wall, we say: “Yeah, we can do that.”