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Free-form Data

Compared to their relational counterparts, NoSQL databases generally have a flexible data storage format. Whereas most databases require tables to be defined up front, most NoSQL data stores often accept free form records on the fly, with few formatting constraints. Often called schema-less, this is useful when the exact information needed may vary from record to record.

Horizontal Scalability

Applications typically access NoSQL data in the form of single records or batches of records in a collection. This simple access pattern has the advantage of allowing a very large data set to be spread across multiple servers, scaling horizontally through the use of both replication and sharding. As a result, very large data sets can be accessed by applications.

Multiple Solutions

The landscape is rich with options. There are several NoSQL database solutions, including Apache Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, Hadoop, and HBase. Each of these has different capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

If you find your data access patterns are simple but your data set is large, then NoSQL may be right for you. Whether you have 1 server or 30, let Fremeer’s expertise help you design and maintain your NoSQL data store.

Some NoSQL technologies we use include mongoDB, cassandra, and Couch DB.