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MySQL and Friends

If MySQL is your database platform of choice, Fremer can help in many ways. We have deep familiarity with multiple facets of MySQL and its relatives, Percona and MariaDB. This starts with sensible installation and management, which we can provide through custom packages and maintenance, and continues through sensible configuration tuning. We can help work through production issues or slowdowns and help you get the best performance from your existing cluster, or help you work on expanding your existing application to function with multiple servers as well.

How we get peak performance

There are multiple aspects that need to be considered in order to get peak performance from your database servers. We’ll be glad to analyze your specific situation and identify solutions for common performance issues. This can include tuning adjustments, additional schema-level changes, or alternate approaches to the specific queries you’re looking at. Sometimes something as simple as adding a proper index can have an enormous performance impact. We can also help you scale out using MySQL’s built-in replication and identify particular bottlenecks or issues which might be affecting an existing installation.

Over the years Fremer has supported and administered hundreds of MySQL databases, including a number with massive amounts of data. Our database developers and DBAs are passionate about helping our customers get the most out of their MySQL databases and with making sure they are securely managed.