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Fremer provides around the clock system and site monitoring that gives you peace of mind that our experts spread over many time zones are watching your systems even when you aren’t. We have system engineers on call all day every day of the year to ensure your systems are healthy and to immediately get involved in case of a problem.

Monitoring Services for Security and Accessibility

We supply a wide range of monitoring services: external remote network accessibility and latency (both IPv6 and IPv4), correct firewall behavior, hardware health, on-server resource usage (CPU, memory, disk, processes), database and replication health, application behavior and performance, email flow, domain and DNS validity, security alerts, upcoming SSL/TLS certificate expiration, successful routine backup completion, pending operating system and software package updates, and any customized monitoring relevant to your system.

Our monitoring process lets us know right away if your site slows down, becomes unresponsive, or isn’t returning the right information. We work with our customers to proactively fend off problems wherever possible, and resolve unavoidable problems as quickly as possible.

Standard for Our Systems - Or as a Service

Fremer’s monitoring and backups are included as standard services for systems we host. Our monitoring and remote backup services are also available à la carte for customers who host their own systems in-house or in their own cloud hosting accounts.