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Geographic Information Systems or GIS Visualization

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide for visualizing, storing, and analyzing various types of spatial or geographic data. By visualizing data, we can often infer trends, patterns, complex geometries, and general localizations at a glance, revealing things that are not obvious in a pile of numbers.

End Point has experience with many GIS platforms, including PostGIS (PostgreSQL extensions for GIS), Google Maps API, Google Earth, Cesium, Kamelopard (developed at End Point), Potree pointcloud renderer, D3, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet, and CartoDB, to name a few.

GIS on the Liquid Galaxy Platform

On the Liquid Galaxy, information is brought to life in a rich 3D and time-lapsed experience that can either be directed to highlight specific findings or as a free-flight interactive exploration. Unlike a simple video wall displaying GIS content, the Liquid Galaxy surrounds users with a panoramic visual experience, all managed by software configured for a customized hardware installation. The end result is a rich, highly immersive, and engaging way to experience your data.